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This year over 90% of larger employers will offer a telemedicine benefit.

Telemedicine is among the newest employee benefits on the market, the use of which is making news on a regular basis these days.

It is important to ensure that you partner with a telemedicine provider that will not only provide great service to your employees, but a strong value to your company.

You may vaguely have heard about telemedicine, or you may be following this new way for people to access doctors closely. you may have even spoken to a few providers about their services. Possibly, you are an employer who has already implemented it. 

Regardless of where you are at on the experience curve, this free guide will provide you with the following:

  • Top Reasons to Provide a Telemedicine Benefit to Employees
  • Five Key Criteria for Buying a Telemedicine Solution
  • Tips to Secure Internal Buy-In
  • Checklist for Choosing the Right Solution

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